Orcus Rising

Bug Control

Erdon sent Luchian, Schlag, and Dutch to Sharn, the capital of the land, to help out a local dwarf by the name of

In the Beginning ...

The heroes, Luchian, Schlag, and Dutch were in Erdon’s basement. A Tinker woman, named Gale came into Erdon’s looking for help in finding a pair of earrings that were stolen from her. She tells the heroes that late into the night, she saw a shadowy figure leave her cart-house with her jewelry box. She cares little for any other of the contents of the box. Our heroes agree to help her and move out to a near-by graveyard where she believes the thief to be headed.

At the graveyard, the heroes found the key to the locked gate under a nearby stone. Once inside their suspicions of foul play were confirmed. Undead zombies rose from their graves and began to attack the heroes. Once the undead were once again dead, they discovered a tomb with engravings of the Sun-God Pelor desecrated with goblin feces.

At the bottom of the crypt, they found a strange sight. A large room, with a 50 foot mirror for the floor. On top of the mirror, a hooded and cloaked figure stood before a cauldron with green and purple flames spilling over the top. He is obviously a member of the Cult of Orcus Before the heroes were able to stop him, he tossed the earrings into the flaming pot.

Once the earrings are consumed in the fires, the mirror begins to crack as an unseen force pounds against the mirror. As the cultist falls, so does the crypt begins to fall as well.

The heroes make their way out of the crypt. Once outside, they see a bright green and purple pillar of light blasts up out of the crypt and into the sky.

Back at Erdon’s, Erdon berates the heroes for letting the out the spirit of Orcus into the world.


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